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If you encounter any problems you can always contact us via Alternatively, you can also open an issue on GitHub.

How can I get debug output?

Set LMRTFY_DEBUG="1" before running any lmrtfy commands.

My deployed function does not receive any jobs that I submit!

There are a multiple possible explanations depending on what exactly you see

I can retrieve results, even though my deployed has not done anything

Please check if you ran lmrtfy deploy for the same file in another session. If multiple runners serve your function only one of them will receive the same call. The next call to the same function will be routed to the next runner in the line.

The job status is reported UNKNOWN

If that is the case, please let us know at or in the GitHub issues. This is likely a problem on our side.

I need help to implement a specific use case

Please don't hesitate to contact us via We are always interested in new use cases.