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Reporting an issue

When you find an issue, don't hesitate to create an issue to let us know about the bug.

When you create an issue there are 3 options:

GitHub Issues

Create a bug report

Reporting bugs is very important. We are very thankful for each bug that is reported and will try to fix them as soon as possible.

The clearer the description of the bug is and the more information you provide, the better.

Request a feature

This is the best choice if there is a feature you are missing. Each feature request will be reviewed. If the feature aligns with our vision of LMRTFY.

If we are going to implement the feature it will be added to the roadmap.

Ask a question

This the best choice if you just want to ask a question about LMRTFY:

  • Is a feature planned?
  • How to do X? *...

Open a blank issue

This should be the last resort and only be used if your concern does not fit into any of the other categories.