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Sign Up/Login

To use LMRTFY we need you to sign up with us to authenticate with our API. This step is necessary to prevent malicious activity.

You can use one of our social logins or just sign up with email and password.

With your account you can to the following things:

Sign Up

Before you can login the first time you need to sign up. Currently, you have three options to do that:

  • email address + password
  • GitHub account
  • Google account

If you sign up with email/password you will be required to verify your email address.


When you run an LMRTFY actions that require a token you will automatically be asked to login. Each token is valid for 10 hours before you need to login again. If you allow cookies our authentication provider Auth0 will recognize you.

If you use a headless setup (server, google colab or other web-based tools) or if you have long-term deployments you should use our token-based authentication for deployment and job submission