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This roadmap should give you an idea of the features we will work on in the future.

If you find any feature highly relevant for you, please let us know:

LMRTFY Library


  • annotate resources in your code, e.g. big data sets

  • support for more languages (help us prioritize with your feedback):

    • JavaScript
    • R
    • Matlab
    • C++
    • Julia
    • ...
  • create runners with decorator

Catalog (calling cloud functions like native ones)

  • support for more languages (see above)
  • enhance job and results handling (async handling, context)


  • cloud deployment via lmrtfy deploy

    • deploy to one of the big cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, ...)
    • deploy to your own servers (private cloud)
  • deploy jupyter notebooks

LMRTFY web application

  • accounting system for deployed functions (monetize your functions)
  • overview of your functions
  • manage functions
  • see available runners
  • sharing functions with others
  • functions activity graph