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Let Me Run That For You.

βœ… Create functions that run in the cloud, on your servers or even on your laptop.

βœ… Call them from code that runs somewhere else, just like a regular function.

βœ… Share functions with friends and colleagues, track their usage and monetize their usage.

βœ… Works with Python, but more languages will be added in the future.

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LMRTFY is a tool to share scripts via the cloud. Your scripts can run on your laptop, on your server or in the cloud. You and everybody you shared your deployed script with can call the function straight from their own code using the lmrtfy package

We strive to provide a frictionless developer experience:

  • Change as little code as possible to use LMRTFY
  • Call deployed function like any other function provided by a local library


LMRTFY is currently in an early phase. Things will likely change in future releases.

Quickstart - TL;DRΒΆ

  1. install with pip install lmrtfy
  2. login/sign up with lmrtfy login
  3. run $ ipython and from lmrtfy.functions import catalog
  4. call the provided example with job = catalog.examples.free_fall_lmrtfy(100.)
  5. get the results with job.results

As you can see in step 4, it's as simple as calling a regular function from any other library you have installed locally.


The examples are provided in the examples/ directory. They are work in progress. As lmrtfy matures, more and more examples will be added.

If you miss an example for a specific use case, please let us know, and we will add one!