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Contributing code

We welcome all contributors and their contributions.

All contributors will be listed in the project (if wanted).

What to contribute?

There are several ways that you can contribute to lmrtfy.

Improving the documentation often isn't glamorous work but is highly appreciated by us. If you think something is missing in the documentation or something needs more information, please let us know or add the documentation.

Contribute code

The process of contributing code is quite easy:

  1. Fork the lmrtfy repository.
  2. Let us know what you want to work on to ensure that we can merge your code. Best to create an issue.
  3. Fix a bug, add a feature, ...
  4. Create a pull request.

This process is standard in most repositories. If you have any questions or need help contributing, please let us know!

Contribute documentation

The files required to build the documentation are inside the docs directory. They are plain markdown files that can be easily edited.

The documentation is built with mkdocs and the mkdocs-material theme. Everything you need to build the docs locally can be installed by pip install -r docs/requirements.txt.

Reading the documentation of mkdocs and the material theme is highly recommend.